Wastewater treatment PO "Water Ecology" - development and implementation of wastewater treatment technology to destroy harmful compounds and remove them with subsequent disposal. Wastewater treatment is a complex physical and chemical process of water treatment. Here, as well as in any other production there is a raw material (sewage), finished goods (treated water) waste (sludge, sediment).

We perform the selection of treatment technologies and manufacture of equipment.

The main water treatment technologies can be divided into mechanical, chemical, physical-chemical and biological treatment, and when applied together, the method of waste water treatment and neutralization is a combined one.

Production wastewater is generated as a result of the use of water in technological processes. Production wastewater contains various impurities and is divided into groups:

  • contaminated mainly with mineral impurities (metallurgical, machine-building, ore and coal-mining industries, factories producing mineral fertilizers, acids, building materials)
  • predominantly contaminated with organic impurities (meat, fish, dairy, food, pulp and paper, chemical, microbiological, plastic and rubber production plants)
  • contaminated with mineral and organic impurities (enterprises of oil production, oil refining, petrochemical, textile, light and pharmaceutical industries, factories producing sugar, organic synthesis products, vitamins, canned food)
  • municipal enterprises of cities and settlements (organic and chemical pollution), storm water runoff of populated areas.

The proposed cleaning technologies can be divided into groups

Industrial waste water

  • technology and installation of "Barrier-1", "Barrier-150" - treatment of industrial waste water of galvanic workshops, shops of printing boards, wash water of pickling departments;
  • technology of treatment of lubricating and cooling liquids "Barrier-SOZ"
  • technology and installation of "Barrier-LAK" - treatment of industrial effluents of painting shops;
  • “Barrier-Keramik” technology and installation - treatment of production effluents of silicate and ceramic enterprises;
  • “Barrier-K” technology and installation - treatment of industrial wastewater from tannery plants

Domestic wastewater (public utilities)

  • Barrier-Bio technology and installation - treatment of sewage from towns, villages, recreation centers and sanatoriums;
  • technology and installation of "Barrier-cottage" - purification of sewage of individual houses, toilets, toilets, bathrooms, which do not have a centralized sewage system;
  • technology and installation of "Barrier-Flok" - compaction of excess sludge of biological treatment plants for settlements, industrial facilities, treatment facilities of large cities;
  • technology and installation of "Barrier-Floto" - purification by flotation and gravity methods;
  • technology and installation of "Barrier-L" - treatment of storm water surface of industrial and municipal facilities;
  • Barrier-2M" technology - water treatment of solid waste landfills.

Drinking water treatment and deodorization

  • technology and installation of "Barrier-Ferro" - deferrization of natural groundwater for drinking and technological supply of local facilities;
  • technology and installation of "Barrier-EL" - water softening before supplying boilers, individual shops and local production facilities for technological needs;
  • Barrier-IZH" technology and installation - cleaning of calcium and magnesium deposits;
  • Barrier-Rodnik" technology and installation - purification and deodorization of natural waters for drinking needs.

Treatment of oil-containing effluents

  • technology and installation of "Barrier-oil", "Barrier-auto" - purification of oily water in metalworking shops, machine-assembly shops, filling stations, car wash stations

Sewage treatment of food industry enterprises

  • Barrier-MMS technology and installation - treatment of meat processing plants and dairy industry waste water

Sludge and sludge treatment

  • Barrier Sludge Dehydration Technology - sludge dehydration with drying and conservation capability;
  • Sludge utilization technology as a Barrier-Gumus fertilizer - sludge processing into fertilizers and humus.